Erin Pheil – How To Change Your Beliefs To Change Your Life

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Erin Pheil joins us on the show today and she is talking about how to get over mental roadblocks that get you stuck. These mindset blocks can be anything, from personal to business. She gives several practical, tactical steps and exercises that you can do to shatter those beliefs. It’s a fun and interesting process in which Erin gives us real-world examples that are totally relatable. We even talk about some of our own patterns and Erin guides us through the steps to evaluate where they came from so we can uncover mental roadblocks in our business. 

Erin is so amazing we even booked a follow-up call where she is going to continue to help us work through some of these other patterns. Erin is going to get you unstuck with some simple questions and quick tactics that do not take long to do. Check out her company, MindFix Group which has some free videos and exercises, as well as information about hiring her to get a clear understanding of your current roadblocks and create a roadmap of what a breakthrough would look like for you. Once you have listened, be sure to tune in to our previous shows with David Allen and Dr. Steve Ruden for additional insights on how to rock your productivity and erase those roadblocks that keep holding you back.

It’s not what’s happening in your life that’s so bad, it’s how you are seeing it and interpreting it that’s making you so miserable. If you can change the lens through which you see the world, everything else can change too.” – Erin Pheil

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • What the heck is mindful yawning and how to use it in a conversation (without falling asleep)
  • Example questions to ask yourself to get to the root of your belief
  • Beneficial ways to journal to help clear out limiting beliefs
  • Real-world examples of dealing with common misconceptions that many of us learned at children
  • How a mysterious illness changed Erin’s life forever
  • The all too common imposter syndrome and Erin’s tips to help us get over that ourselves
  • How to invoke Solomon’s Paradox to change your beliefs on your own
  • That time you saw Santa at the mall and the real impact it may have had
  • And much, much more!

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