Tom Gaddis – Using Product Launches As Your Best Traffic Source

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We’ve got Tom Gaddis from Offline Sharks and on the show today and he shares with us some modest wins and how he went from working for the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company to winning a ClickFunnels Two Comma Award. We also talk all about a blast from our past, the Warrior Forum, and Warrior Plus, and how it’s such a great way to see what’s trending and get feedback. Tom has a very cool perspective on how you can get into this market, test things out and grow an audience. 

He has some awesome live stream concepts as well, and he uses it as an amazing opportunity to promote affiliate products, plus he’s having fun with it. We discuss how Tom is able to cultivate a buying community and a bond with his customers that most people never get, plus the ways in which he engages with them and keeps that momentum going while selling them more stuff on the journey based on what they need. Once you’ve had a chance to listen, be sure to check out our chats with Molly Mahoney for more ideas on using Facebook to grow your audience and Jason Fladlien and his tactics on webinars, audience retention, and how to reframe your audience’s problem in a different way to make them take action.

A lot of people don’t realize the reality of that statement…that building a big business is a process that happens over time.” – Tom Gaddis

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How Tom was able to get support with his first product by being a good customer
  • Making between 100-200 sales just by talking about the offer on Facebook
  • Creating a list of raving fans that want to buy all the time
  • The dark side of promoting on Warrior Plus
  • What you can do to get traction when you are just starting out
  • How to find the affiliates who are the movers and shakers
  • Tom’s Facebook live and group strategy that gets people pumped
  • The secret to getting people to resonate with what you have to say
  • Cultivating a buying 
  • The M.I.L.K it Method

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