Molly Mahoney – Leveraging Facebook For Free Organic Reach

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We’re back! And in today’s episode, we are chatting with Molly Mahoney of The Prepared Performer, who is legendary for her Facebook marketing skills. She’s a wizard at doing Facebook lives and getting organic reach. Listen in as we touch on Facebook ads and how Molly is able to get high ticket coaching clients, right from Facebook. She has a wealth of knowledge and she also has a pretty cool deal with where she’s part of their team as well. We have been trying to figure out how to get attention organically on Facebook, which has been dwindling for all of us lately, and Molly gives us some killer advice as she checks out our pages and answers our questions right on the show. She audited our Facebook fan page in real-time (and the results were not pretty), but you’ll be able to hear about our new roadmap. 

We also discuss how to grow Facebook groups, how to get interaction on Facebook pages with her four-step process, the value of your Facebook personal profile, and what you can and can’t do with it. She also talks about the “social triangle”, crucial live strategies with a process to follow to get more engagement when you do go live, and she breaks down how she launched her camera confidence course. After you’ve listened be sure to check out our shows with Nicholas Kusmich and Curt Maly for even more tips on how to get the most out of your Facebook strategy.

You want to ask engaging questions and you want to use the 80/20 rule with links. If you do a link, put it in the messenger bot so it causes people to engage first and then they get the link, otherwise, you are just driving traffic off of the platform.” – Molly Mahoney

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Shout to Steve!
  • What strategies no longer work with Facebook Messenger bots and what is working now
  • How to get engagement using tools like Manychat and a hack for getting your videos shared after they connect with you on Messenger
  • What the heck is the difference between GLAP & GLAM
  • Molly’s roadmap on how to grow your bot list using content
  • Examples of post content to use to help grow your audience and get more likes and shares (without using those exact words)
  • The proper way to set up a Facebook Group, a Facebook Page & your Facebook Profile in a way that will keep you in favor with the platform
  • The “Quesadilla of Awesome” method which will make you hungry for realizing all of your epic abilities
  • A way to line out 20 things about yourself that will give you way more content
  • What happened when we posted the same thing to our Facebook pages (another trick to help you with engagement and get the ball rolling)
  • Some cool resources that you can grab which will shorten your workload
  • And much, much more!

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