Therapy Session – Behind-The-Scenes with the Legends of Online Marketing

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We are back today with another awesome Therapy Session which we recorded literally right at the airport and before grabbing a flight back from Florida.  We were in Florida attending Rich Schefren’s “Coalition To Save Internet Business” live stream event where it was a who’s who in internet marketing. We got to share the cigar bar stage with such guests as Russell Brunson, Dean Graziosi, Jeff Walker, Dennis Yu, Perry Marshall, and Mike Fillisame among many others. 

We first attended a great mastermind, then shortly after that, Rich held his 24-hour live stream, where there were literally billions of dollars of net worth under one roof (plus thousands of dollars of alcohol and cigars). Listen in as we discussed some cool tactics we learned as well as insights into what makes some of the internet’s most successful entrepreneurs tick. We also talk about imposter syndrome, the importance of authenticity, and some of the many things that make Agora so prosperous. When you’re done listening, be sure to revisit the show we did with Rich Schefren as well as the show we had with Curt Maly where we talk more in-depth about best practices for moving your business forward as well as some additional Facebook ad strategies.

Most of them are some of the friendliest, giving people and they are willing to share their tactics…that is why they succeed because they are so freely giving and if you ask them a question they are an open book.” – Matt Wolfe

So as we talked to a lot of people around this event, you came to realize that the imposter syndrome is a real thing no matter what level you are at.“ – Joe Fier

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • The secrets of being rich…..podcast!
  • Why imposter syndrome is spreading faster than the coronavirus and what to do about it (no masks needed!)
  • Who we chatted with at dinner and some folks we finally got to meet in person after being connected to for years
  • What people were saying to and about us, especially discussing something that we are doing which almost no one else is
  • The difference between copywriting and selling using your own voice
  • Trials and tribulations of some of the most known marketers and how they were able to overcome
  • Shoutout to the dude we met on the plane
  • And much, much more!

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