Russell Brunson – Traffic Secrets To Get Your Dream Customers

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We’re still in lockdown, but fear not, we still have our flow! Today we have a legend in our marketing space, Russell Brunson. Not only is he well known for his product on how to make a potato gun, but he is also the founder of ClickFunnels. He wrote Expert Secrets, Dotcom Secrets and today we are going to hone in on his latest book, Traffic Secrets.

What we both love about this new book is it details the paradigm shifts that you need to go through to really understand traffic, and not just the ad networks but the business as a whole. Even though we had a briefer conversation than usual with Russell, this show is densely packed and we really got as much as we could in a shorter window. You’ll get to hear how he was able to get on The Profit show with Marcus Lemonis and you’ll also understand why you should be using these different traffic sources and what their uses are vs. the actual tactics, which you can get in his book, Traffic Secrets. Whether you are a novice or a veteran, we guarantee there are things you probably haven’t even thought about, and we cover this at a high level in today’s show. When you’re done, get some more funnel tactics from our talks with Dave Woodward and Nicholas Kusmich.

My goal with this book was to get the whole conversation for all entrepreneurs to think differently about how to get traffic. There are so many ways to get traffic that aren’t Facebook. Most are better, and nobody knows about it because they’re all just focused on the one simple one that’s easy to do right now.” – Russell Brunson

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • What you can learn from selling a DVD on potato guns
  • Why you want to be the one spending the most to get the customer
  • The Dream 100 concept, how we were able to use it to get Russell on the show, and how Russell uses it as well.
  • Why you should understand the history of these various traffic sources so that they will reward you 
  • Russell’s new book and how it relates to his trilogy, which has been updated and expanded (and how you can get the new hardcover version along with a workbook to track your progress)
  • How to build an affiliate army, and ways to entice them to continue to promote you, even if you are making the same offer for years
  • Why amateurs only focus on the front end
  • How to find out where your dream customers congregate
  • And much, much more!

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