The Story Behind ClickFunnels And Their Biggest Promotions – Dave Woodward

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In 2006, as Dave Woodward sat in an event hosted by Russell Brunson, it was slowly dawning on him that internet marketing would soon be the only game in town. So when Russell announced there was a signup sheet for anyone willing to buy him lunch, Dave ran to the table and put his name in every spot.

Now Dave is Chief Revenue and Business Development Officer of ClickFunnels, the leading software service providing entrepreneurs around the world the ability to design, build, and analyze any type of sales funnel they can dream of. Oh, he also happens to host the wildly popular Funnel Hackers Radio Podcast too, where he shares marketing secrets with the famously engaged ClickFunnels community he helped build.

Get ready as the guys hear all about the latest strategies Dave Woodward uses to provide value and build community with 30-day challenges, a new peer-to-peer customer service system, and using pretzels to get his dream guest on his podcast. When you’re done, get some more funnel tactics from our talks with Josh Haynam and Bastian Ernst.

The key here is to document the journey. People are so much more interested in the journey than they are in the actual success.” -Dave Woodward

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Using direct mail to land major guests on your podcast
  • 30-day challenges that build hyper-engaged communities around your brand
  • An upsell strategy to increase revenue by %70
  • A simple offer to get users committed to your brand challenge
  • The daily baby-steps to find your most loyal customers
  • How to land your dream guest after just 15 episodes
  • The best time in your career to publish (you should probably be doing it already!)
  • A new peer-to-peer system revolutionizing customer service
  • The incredible things people will do for a free t-shirt (while also boosting sales)
  • How to leverage free content until they just have to buy something
  • The new products coming soon from Clickfunnels!

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