The Perfect Quiz Funnel System – Josh Haynam

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Are you fond of answering online quizzes? Are you aware that these quizzes can be a very helpful marketing tool for your business especially in lead generation?

Today’s guest is the owner of Interact, a quiz software company that has created quizzes for 30,000 brands around the world. Some of Josh Haynam’s clients include big corporations and organizations such as Starbucks, Evergreen Profits, and famous individuals like Tony Robbins. Aside from being an innovative and creative marketing tool, the primary focus of the quizzes, according to Josh and his company, is always to educate.

In today’s episode, Josh shares the encouraging story of how he persisted in sustaining his business and how he fine-tuned the content using different strategies while having so much hope. He also reveals the biggest advantage of utilizing quizzes, the most interesting uses of these quizzes, and why making quizzes is a much better tool than generating surveys.

“The quiz does the job of attracting people, getting them in. But it’s also segmenting so it can increase your sales in the back end.” – Josh Haynam

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • The first and second waves of Interact – from creating content to seeking partnerships
  • The strategy that created traffic and the type of content Josh used to build up a base, redefine the message, and explain it
  • Defining the templates and elements of a quiz (title, questions, lead capture form, and results)
  • How to promote the quizzes through Facebook and on your website
  • An overview of Interact’s software and its functions
  • Three unique types of quizzes that cover a lot of data input: personality quizzes, scored quizzes, assessments
  • Top two common mistakes people make when creating quizzes and how to avoid them
  • For Josh, the one thing that does not get asked enough is about the customers: “How do you translate your idea into something that the general population can use?”

Check Out Josh Haynam’s Interact Quiz Builder Here:

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