Russ Henneberry – How To Create A Newsletter Business Using Curated Content

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We’re talking with Russ Henneberry, who is the founder of The, a newsletter business with awesome open rates. Listen in as he gives us the play by play that goes into his business and how he’s got his advertising dialed in so he does not need a sales team. Russ has a huge history of content marketing and has worked for some really large companies doing a lot of interesting things. This episode is one of those blueprint episodes where you’ll have a business model that you could implement either as a brand new one or model in your own niche if you want. 

With his newsletter, Russ sends out a daily email to digital business owners and is able to monetize it through affiliate marketing and sponsorships. Most of his content is essentially curated content that he finds around the web that is relevant to his subscribers. We discuss a lot of topics including how to get better open rates with your emails and how to get better deliverability so they actually make it to the inbox as well as how Russ is able to locate the content to curate.  When you’re done, get some more advice about success with newsletters from our conversations with Doberman Dan and MaryEllen Tribby.

Every business has a couple of metrics that really need to be watched daily. And for us, open rate is that so it comes out that my advertisers are happy with the number of clicks they’re getting simply because we’re getting enough opens.” – Russ Henneberry

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Three different monetization models and how to make money from each one
  • How to charge CPM’s for your advertisers
  • How to get referrals for lead generation
  • Various ways to use contests in your marketing for viral shares
  • Tips on improving your email marketing
  • How to use this method in your own business model
  • Proven examples of email headlines to get yours opened
  • When to segment your list and how to clean it up
  • How to re-engage those who haven’t opened up emails in a while
  • And much, much more!

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