Doberman Dan: How To Create And Sell A Physical Print Newsletter

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As a full-time police officer and part-time serial entrepreneur, Doberman Dan spent almost a decade trying to start a successful business. Then he started a direct mail fitness newsletter and finally started making money. Just a year later he quit the police force.

Dan likes to call himself a “kitchen table” entrepreneur, having written hundreds of successful sales letters, direct mail packages, feature articles, and newsletters while kicking back in his home. He’s seen too many businesses make common mistakes rather than change their approach to marketing. And he wants to save them so they can start making maximum money in minimum time.

Not every part of your business should be online. Listen in as Dan shows Matt and Joe how he uses his newsletter to leverage every part of his business, his system to easily keep your letters high-quality, and tactics to quickly grow subscriptions. After the episode, go check out our conversations with Adil Amarsi and Craig Simpson for more copywriting insights.

You know, sometimes you produce your best stuff when you’re under the gun and you don’t have the option to goof off.“ -Doberman Dan

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • The psychological benefits of a public alter-ego
  • A system to keep your newsletter consistently awesome
  • Rules for finding the right page count for your letter
  • Why over delivering can kill your subscriptions
  • How to tell when you’re writing at your best
  • Content your most knowledgeable customers want to read
  • A system to keep your ideas in order
  • How to target an audience using your superpower
  • Newsletter tactics to increase your stick rate
  • The simplest, low-cost system to mail a printed newsletter
  • What to do with an email list that isn’t converting
  • A targeted way to use a newsletter to quickly grow a business
  • Why direct mail is an effective way to start a business (now more than ever!)

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