Craig Simpson: The Direct Mail Marketing Masterclass

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After his efforts to sell climbing wall rocks in the mail failed, Craig Simpson doubled down and experimented to find exactly what offer and copywriting would make sales. Thousands of mailed rocks later he sold the business and started showing other businesses how to get the same success with direct mail.

Now Craig does over 300 direct mail campaigns every year. He has sent out 200,000,000 letters across the nation, targeting everyone from corporate CEOs to people with toothaches. He is also a bestselling author, powerfully distilling the knowledge of great advertisers to show his readers how to write copy that engages customers.

Take your junk mail out of the recycling bin as Craig Simpson explains to the guys exactly what makes great letter copy, how to actually get results with postcards, and what your first mailing should look like. When you’re done, go check out our conversations with Kelsey Bratcher and Joy Houston for more direct mail and copy strategies.

You don’t get a hundred pieces of mail in your mailbox every day like you do with email… if you’re the only guy in there you’re going to get more attention.” -Craig Simpson

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Why direct mail is a natural fit for targeted audiences
  • Which businesses do best with direct mail
  • Matching the right mailing with the right offer
  • How to get results with postcards
  • The 3 factors that make a great mail campaign
  • Getting targeted mailing lists through list brokers
  • What your first letter should look like
  • How to convert online copy into mail copy
  • “Lumpy mail” tricks to engage your customers
  • The Customer Retention Path to maximize lifetime value
  • Actionable tactics for local and regional retail businesses
  • The biggest mistakes people make with direct mail

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