Adil Amarsi: Tactics And Formulas To Write Amazing Sales Copy

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While struggling to make ends meet as a copywriter, Adil Amarsi landed a commission job for a real estate company. Just a week later the bank was hounding his phone to assure him the 6 figure deposit rolling into his account would be available as soon as possible.

With 17 years of copywriting experience under his belt, Adil is known as one of the greatest underground copywriters working today. He’s made over $500,000,000 for his clients while living the life he wants in the heart of London. And now he’s sharing his writing process through The Copywriter’s Room so entrepreneurs can discover how to write story-based copy that’s effective as his.

Dust off your pen and paper as Adil tells Matt and Joe how to sharpen your storytelling with 3 practice lessons, all you need to know for perfect headlines, and the psychology that gets people to spend more. When you’re done, make it a copywriting masterclass by following up with Joy Houston and Kevin Rogers.

It’s like a dynamic of conversation. Get both sides of the story and that’s what causes buying frenzies.” -Adil Amarsi

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Why copywriting for your own business is extra difficult
  • The daily routine of a copywriting master
  • 3 practice lessons to sharpen your copy
  • The word you never use in a headline
  • Bullet list best practices
  • Discover, If-Then, Revealed: They make perfect headlines
  • Tips for hooking readers who skim articles
  • A process to adapt your copy for video
  • The 3 questions that generate infinite content
  • How to write effective emails (you better not be recycling your copy!)
  • Email templates for warm and cold leads
  • The psychological leverage that gets people to spend more

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