Mike Koenigs – Will Humans Become Obsolete In The Near Future?

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Mike Koenigs has such a cool insight into a slew of tech gadgets and on today’s podcast, we join Mike in his studio as he is recording to multiple devices simultaneously. Mike has a long history with digital marketing and has been assisting people online with how to profit from publishing and product creation.  He is also the author of You Everywhere Now whose goal is to help business owners, entrepreneurs and service professionals elevate their brands, become known experts, authorities and celebrity status.

Mike has always been years ahead of the trends and you’ll hear why he decided to liquidate his business, what he feels is the future of media, how artificial intelligence will change the shape of the work force and where to focus your efforts to stay ahead of the game.  We also discuss the benefits of plant-based medicines as well as Mike’s impressive tech stack.

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“Half of all jobs are already obsolete and extinct and if you’re the ones doing those, you’re also on the chopping block. So I think it’s time to rethink society as a whole, and rethink everything.” – Mike Koenigs

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How AI is changing the workforce and why half of the traditional jobs are already obsolete
  • All the cool tech gadgets that Mike uses in his infamous studio
  • Benefits of plant medicines, which ones Mike has used and why
  • What society is evolving into and why you need to participate in the evolution
  • Why what you know is much less important than your personal brand
  • Why hustle and grind is not the best model to success
  • The importance of strong, integrated leaders in society
  • The future of banking, transportation, money, and jobs
  • Discussion about your identity and the potential to avoid scams in the future
  • And much, much more!

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