John Lee Dumas – How To Be Uncommon As A Podcaster

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Are you ready to ignite?! Today we have John Lee Dumas on the show from Entrepreneurs On Fire, and he’s got a brand new book called The Common Path to Uncommon Success. John has completed over 3,000 episodes with over a hundred million listens. We dive deep into how he thinks about podcasting, how he would launch another one, and how he’s growing in general and making money off it.

We also talk about his dealings with a big publisher, the behind-the-scenes of his new book, how he got connected with a big-name publisher, and how he’s monetizing his guests which was an interesting discussion. Speaking of podcasting, what better show to shout out that we have a brand new podcasting course called and if you join us today, you’ll learn how to build a tribe, grow your business, and create multiple streams of income by simply copying a plug and play system. When you’re done be sure to check out our show where we dive into all the awesome details behind the PodHacker community as well as our chat with Luis Diaz to hear his tactics on how he’s grown his own podcast audience.

The only piece of advice you need in this world for podcasting, and for any entrepreneurial venture is this: identify the best solution to a real problem and become that best solution to a real problem.” – John Lee Dumas

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Do not move to Puerto Rico unless…..
  • What does podcasting have to do with basketball?
  • What to do, and specifically not to waste your time out when you are trying to get traction
  • How to weed out the entrepreneurs who are not on fire figuratively and are really on ice
  • Interesting survey results from other podcasters
  • The magic of being someone’s first podcast guest
  • Batching like a baller!

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