How To Get Introduced to Anyone You Want: The Dream 100 Strategy with Joe Fier

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In this episode of Hustle and Flowchart, host Joe Fier shares his proven strategy for connecting with influential people in any industry.

Known as the Dream 100 Strategy, Joe explains how this inbound approach has allowed him to get connected to some of the biggest names in the marketing and entrepreneurship space.

With simple techniques and automation tips, Joe shows listeners how to attract the attention of their target audience and build valuable relationships with industry experts.

This is a foundational strategy that every podcaster can use to get connected to anyone. It can also be used to get podcast guesting opportunities and other media exposure!

Now let’s get into the episode… 

The Power of Inbound Connections:

Joe dives deep into the Dream 100 strategy – a powerful inbound approach that has helped him connect with some of the biggest names in marketing, entrepreneurship, and the expert space. This strategy is so effective that he couldn’t keep it to myself, and has already shared it with friends, clients, and partners who have seen amazing results.

Setting Up Your Dream 100:

To implement this strategy, all you need is a Google Sheet and a Google-based email. Create a list of 100 people who align with your target audience and have the potential to bring significant value to your brand. This list could include celebrities, industry influencers, authors, experts, and thought leaders. Don’t be afraid to dream big, but also include individuals who are just a couple of degrees of separation away from you.

Sharing Your Dream 100 List Strategically:

Now, here’s the secret sauce: attach this Google Sheet to the bottom of every email you send, using it as part of your email signature. This way, every person you communicate with will see your Dream 100 list. They might even have connections or ideas that could help you connect with those individuals.

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