the vip mastermind experience

Be one of the 25 PRO podcasters at Podfest to attend a full-day MASTERMIND and workshop experience PLUS get VIP access to Podfest Expo 2024!

Get VIP treatment all event.
Network with the best.
Learn & get feedback. 
Scale your show & business.

Watch The Following Actionable Training For A Taste of What You’ll Get…

The AI-Powered Business Podcaster

Follow the framework and use these smart tools to grow your brand, community, leads, and sales of your business…

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Want to accelerate your podcast so it grows your business?

Join the Business Podcast Accelerator & Mastermind… 👇

The Business Podcaster mastermind & Accelerator

Harness the power of podcasting to grow your brand, business, and community.

Launch + ​Optimize

Workflows + ​Templates

Live + Recorded ​Trainings

Community + ​Mastermind

Your one-stop hub to master podcasting, connect ​genuinely with your audience, and scale your business.

Only accepting 25 members (16 spots remaining)

Can’t make the in-person event? Do the virtual option!

Email to get details.

This program & community is made for:

Business owners



Agency owners

Thought leaders

And designed for you to harness ​the power of podcasting for:

Elevating your brand

Engaging with your audience

Driving business growth

Joining the Accelerator gives you the tools you need to ​succeed as a business owner with a podcast.

Actionable Training

Practical skills and ​strategies you can put ​into practice right away ​to achieve your ​podcasting goals.

Focused Community

Like-minded businss ​owners come together to ​share insights, collaborate, ​and support each other in ​their podcasting journey.

Tools & Experts

The latest AI and smart ​tools to help your ​workflow and curated ​experts sharing insider ​tactics with you.

What’s Inside The mastermind & Accelerator

Actionable Training

Podcasting to Profits

Comprehensive 90-day accelerator program designed to ​launch your new podcast or transform your existing show ​to grow your brand, marketing efforts, and community.

PodHacker Training

How to launch a podcast to build a tribe, grow your ​business & create multiple streams of income.

Virtual Sessions & Community

3 Months of Virtual Workshops

Build your network, ask questions and get feedback.

Private Online Community

Build your network, ask questions and get feedback.

In-Person Mastermind
+ Event

Private Full Day Mastermind

You’re included in a private mastermind of curated podcasters focused on ​business and growing their brands. Lots of topics, experts, networking, ​and actionable exercises will be done to set you up for success.

Ticket to Podfest & Other Perks

You’ll experience Podfest in Orlando for 3+ days to learn & connect with ​other podcasters to grow your show and business.

Latest Tools, Workflows, Resources

Stay tapped into the recommended resources needed to scale your ​efforts. Receive special deals and bonuses from our partners.

Special Event Invitation...

In-Person Mastermind + ​Podfest Expo 2024

Join us on January 25, 2024, in Orlando, Florida for a full-day private mastermind at the Wyndham Orlando International Drive during the Podfest Expo.

This interactive day is packed with training, expert rotations, networking, and strategic deal-making. PLUS, you get a VIP ticket to Podfest Expo!

Receive a Podfest Expo VIP conference ticket ($560+ value).

The mastermind will be an interactive day full of training, rotating experts, networking, deal-making, and ​making things happen!

Enjoy a catered meal during the mastermind day AND on Friday & Saturday

The entire Podfest event: January 25-28, 2024

Join us on January 25th, 2024 for the mastermind and as we celebrate Podfest's 10-year anniversary.

Extend your experience with a year-long online community, co-branded with Podfest, and access the full ​Podfest event schedule here.

Collaborate, exchange ideas, and receive ongoing value in this unique mastermind opportunity.

Investment: $2997 pay in full or 3 payments of $1200

Only accepting 25 members
(16 spots remaining)

Can’t make the in-person event? Do the virtual option!

Email to get details.

Actionable Training: Podcasting to Profits

A 6-step roadmap to transforming your brand through strategic podcasting:

1. Guest on Top Shows:

Lock in influential guest spots.

2. Launch Your Podcast:

Quick launch for high-quality episodes.

3.Lead Gen System:

Capture and convert leads.

4. Amplification

Spread your message on multiple platforms.

5. Monetization

Diversify your income through your content.

6. Superfans

Convert listeners to loyal customers.

Transformative Results in 90 Days

Automated Podcasting System

Streamline your ​process and scale your reach.

Growing Brand

Position yourself as a leader and ​build a superfans community.

Increased Revenue

Architect multiple income ​streams and boost your business's financial health.

Let’s Grow Your Business with Podcasting

Join us in this exclusive package of actionable training ​+ in-person mastermind + community + more!

Investment: $2997 pay in full or 3 payments of $1200

Only accepting 25 members

(16 spots remaining)

Can’t make the in-person event? Do the virtual option!

Email to get details.

Recap of What You Get:

In-Person Mastermind at Podfest Expo in Orlando

Date: January 25, 2024

Location:Wyndham Orlando International Drive

What’s In Store:

  • Full-Day Private Mastermind: Dive into intensive training sessions and ​expert-led workshops.
  • Tailored Strategies & Personalized Attention: Benefit from a small, ​focused group setting.
  • Expert Rotations and Collaborative Sessions: Learn from industry ​leaders and participate in dynamic discussions.
  • Networking & Strategic Deal-Making: Connect with like-minded ​podcasters and potential collaborators.

VIP Access to Podfest Expo

  • VIP Ticket to Podfest Expo
  • Dates: January 25-28, 2024
  • Full Access to All Tracks & Sessions: Engage in a wide range of ​insightful podcasting discussions and workshops.
  • Exclusive Networking Opportunities: Build meaningful connections that ​can elevate your podcast.
  • Access to VIP Areas and Special Events: Enjoy premium facilities, ​masseuses, and join in unique, celebratory activities.
  • Catered Meals: Experience top-notch hospitality throughout the event.
  • VIP Meetups: Extend our networking and collaborations during Podfest.

Comprehensive Training and Support

  • Podcasting to Profits 6-Week Training: A specialized program ​covering crucial aspects of successful podcasting, including guesting on ​top shows, launching your podcast, lead generation, amplification, ​monetization, and building a community of superfans.
  • Virtual Group Sessions: Participate in focused online sessions to ​deepen your understanding and implementation of podcasting strategies.
  • Personalized Guidance: Receive a one-on-one call for tailored advice ​and insights.
  • Exclusive Online Community Access: Join a network of fellow ​podcasters for ongoing support, collaboration, and growth.
  • Essential Resources: Gain access to a suite of checklists, workflows, ​and templates designed to streamline your podcasting process.

Additional perks and resources

  • Curated Tools and Resources: Leverage cutting-edge podcasting tools and resources to enhance your efficiency and impact.
  • Special Deals and Offers: Enjoy exclusive bonuses and promotional offers tailored for podcasters.

Join Now - Only 25 Spots!

Investment: $2997 pay in full or 3 payments of $1200

Only accepting 25 members 

(16 spots remaining)