Felicia Pagesh – How To Get More Sales From Your Existing Work

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Felicia Pagesh joins us today for a great technical and tactical show. She dives into fun topics such as conversion optimizations, webinars, landing pages, and other useful techie talk. It’s also a great show for those who love to understand the psychology behind all of this. We also discuss her four-step process for optimizing businesses and the corresponding worksheet that Felicia offers, which you can get for free.

Felicia is so full of ideas she even has a whiteboard on the floor. She is a self-proclaimed ‘hole poker’, looking at things like funnels and seeing where there is room for improvement. After ten+ years of looking at similar things, it’s her superpower to look at a company’s marketing assets and campaigns and zero in on where a major impact can be had as well as offer insight as to how to cover up those keyholes to yield 6-7 figure results. There are only so many ways to build a funnel, and at this point, Felicia has discovered what most of them are, how long someone will view it, and how they will consume the information. If you enjoy listening to Felicia’s tactics, you’ll love even more branding insight from our shows with Billy Gene Shaw and Steven Sashen.

You don’t have to create new content, to appeal to people with a new presentation or new concept, what you do is shift your perception around it and realize there are lots of different ways to get that content consumed.” – Felicia Pagesh

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Felicia’s four-step method to streamlining your business
  • The two main things that work like gangbusters for her clients
  • Tips for re-engaging people who have not consumed your entire webinar but have shown interest in your offer
  • Key resources to have while you are building out your campaign
  • Questions to ask yourself before you spend a huge chunk of time building a potential new business
  • How to view your product or service in the eyes of your customer
  • Multiple ways to deconstruct your webinar into multiple pieces of content
  • And much, much more!

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Enjoy this clip from our interview with Felicia:


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