Xero Shoes Takes Us Behind The Scenes Of Shark Tank – Steven Sashen

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Sure, it had been well over 30 years since Steven Sashen had practiced sprinting, but he wanted to give the sport another try. For the next 2 years, he had so many injuries he thought he was going to give up. A friend told him to give it another go, this time without his shoes.

Steven’s pain disappeared as soon as he started running barefoot. He felt sure there must be other people suffering as he had. A day of research and building a simple website was all the proof he needed that minimalist shoes were much more than a viable business.

Xero Shoes, the company Steven co-founded with his wife, Lena Phoenix, has gone on to create a revolution in athletic footwear that has left every major shoe company scrambling to catch up. And Steven knew from the start what his idea was worth, so much so that when he appeared on Shark Tank, he confidently turned down a $400,000 offer from Kevin O’Leary.

Listen up as Steven Sashen lets Matt and Joe in on what it’s really like on the set of Shark Tank, how to know if you’re wearing the wrong shoes, and why you have to have the courage to analyze your data in order to know the real value of your business. When you’re done listening, you can learn more about how to analyze data from our talks with Chris Mercer and Scott Desgrosseilliers.

“The extent to which they don’t think I’m a threat… is directly correlated to the size of the gaping hole in the market we can fill before anyone pays attention.” – Steven Sashen

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • What professional actors know about lead gen
  • The best room in the house to put your Oscar Award
  • One way to become a top sprinter, even if you’re pushing fifty
  • Surreal stories from behind the scenes of Shark Tank
  • What you learn about yourself when you’re a T.V. contestant
  • Why fifty-year-old shoes are better than most new ones
  • How to move your brand into the mainstream
  • Which shoe brands are actually doing minimalism right
  • What your body is trying to tell you about your footwear
  • The ways influencer marketing can ruin your marketing strategy
  • A quick, easy technique with video to make high ranking pages
  • How discounts could be the thing killing your revenue

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