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Raking leaves and shoveling snow were the first on roads Steve Olsher took into entrepreneurial bliss when he was a young kid growing up in Chicago. Since then, he’s launched four multi-million dollar businesses.

And he did it all following the process of reinventing himself time and time again.

While the on-ramp for his next big idea wasn’t always easy to take, Steve’s desire for leading a lifestyle he defined was the one thing that kept him in the game of taking the risks to grow.  

In this episode, listen in as Steve reveals his powerful yet simple way to earn north of 7 figures a year, how to earn $1,000 almost every time you appear as a guest on a podcast, and understanding why podcasts are the medium of choice to finding the most targeted traffic.

If effective podcasting is the next link in your entrepreneurial chain, be sure to check out what Tom Schwab and Jonathan Rivera have to say about the process.   

We have the number of downloads I need to support the lifestyle that I want.”– Steve Olsher

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

Proof that you can make 7 figures a year talking about an hour a day without being a celebrity

  • The secret to maximizing earnings from your email list
  • A three-step sales funnel that earns $1,000/podcast appearance
  • How a podcast is like an infomercial
  • What not to forget when you’re a guest on a podcast (hint, hint…you wouldn’t forget it in an infomercial)
  • How podcast downloads are the same as a 100% email click-through rate
  • The best way to find great guests for your podcast
  • Attend this event to find top podcasts that you can appear on as a guest
  • Why a host’s podcast audience is the most targeted organic buying traffic out there
  • No matter how specific your niche, if you build it, listeners will find you
  • How the Two Comma Club is the new black and why cresting 8 figures a year will take a complete breakdown (of sorts)
  • Three keys to a highly effective lead magnet
  • How to take one scary business investment of $7,500 and turn it into $4.25 million in less than 10 years   
  • Transcript coming soon

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