How To Treat A Podcast Like A Direct Response Marketer – Jonathan Rivera

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On today’s show, we got to pick the brain of one of the most prolific promoters and producers of podcasts, Jonathan Rivera. With Jonathan’s proven formula over at The Podcast Factory, he and his team produce winner after winner on the iTunes charts. By anyone’s standards in this line of work, that’s no joke.

You may even listen to some of the shows Jonathan and the team produces. Shows like Ben Settle’s Anti-Preneur Show (now The Podcast), Doberman Dan’s Off the Chain, and the Making Agents Rich Show, if you’ve ever considered finding a consultant to help you launch your own podcast, you’d be in great company over at The Podcast Factory.

Nothing like a group of guys sitting around talking about talking. It’s definitely worth a listen if you’re ready to tackle the mic and take your message out to the masses…At least to the ones that matter to your business anyway.

Today we talk about why you should consider launching a podcast, the right business model to use for podcast growth, how to launch properly, building momentum, eliminating bottlenecks, work-life balance and the truth about iTunes.

If you’re doubling your business…Downloads, iTunes stats, all that crap doesn’t matter because you’re too busy counting your money.” – Jonathan Rivera

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How Tim Ferris’ 4-Hour Work Week is just Jonathan’s hedge
  • An authentic way to make connections to people you’d like to have on your show
  • Why evolution is a great strategy and business model
  • What magic looks like in a podcaster’s eyes
  • A new spin on the 80/20 principle
  • Why you should give up trying to rank on iTunes
  • Which comes first, the podcast or the website?
  • Why Matt fired Joe
  • Ways to build momentum
  • Natural podcast audience expanders
  • What is a triple tap?
  • How to use the direct response model by selling the next action step
  • Joe tells how he really feels about iTunes
  • Why Matt has a mini-therapy session on air
  • Ways to work with Jonathan

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Contact Jonathan Rivera:

  • The Podcast Factory where you can learn the secret hack on how to launch your show to the top of iTunes
  • Get a free consultation with an action plan when you book a strategy session with Jonathan’s team
  • Connect on Facebook for live feeds and to discover more great shows

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