Ditch The Agency And Build A Funnel – Scott Oldford

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For this episode of Authority Insider I spoke to business guru Scott Oldford. Scott’s one of the most remarkable people who’s been on the show so far. His career as an entrepreneur started when he was just seven years old and set up a business selling eggs from home.

Scott didn’t stick with eggs; by the age of 16 he was running an online programming and marketing business, and had picked up a lot of recognition including an American Express Innovator Award.

Of course innovation is always challenging, and Scott’s run into a few challenges along the way. At one point he was nearly $750,000 in debt. In fact that was just over three years ago – but in 14 months he had built a new company that was already bringing in close to $1 million in revenue.

Now Scott is showing entrepreneurs how to build effective online marketing funnels using the methods he developed for his own businesses. He’s already helped more than 5,000 businesses to grow, and he plans to help a lot more.

Scott is a huge believer in the power of simplicity; he eats the same things every day, and he owns a whole two pairs of jeans and three shirts.

Here’s just a few of the other things that we discussed:

  • How to protect yourself against scaling too fast
  • What is the difference between coaching and advising
  • The sober truth about the agency model
  • Why is the agency model so hard to scale
  • The worst way to create an information product
  • The “secret” about entrepreneurship that nobody wants you to know
  • The only people you should hire for your company
  • Why podcasting is not a good way to build your list
  • What does the future of podcasting look like?
  • Why every marketer should segment traffic before they reach your offer
  • What is the classic “Funnel 1.0” and how are advanced marketers doing it differently
  • The genius method that people like Nathan Latka and Gary Vaynerchuk use to turn their audience into loyal fans
  • How you should be viewing your list and why it’s more than an asset
  • Why you NEED to respond to emails that come from your list
  • Plus so much more!

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