Side-Hustles To Make Money In Your Spare Time – Nick Loper

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Still in college, Nick Loper had already started his first side hustle painting houses. Then, while working his first corporate job, he decided to make his own online shoe store. Before long that shoe store was bringing in enough money for him to quit day jobs for good.

Nick needed another side hustle, so he tried podcasting. He soon had a following of listeners that also wanted free themselves from their corporate jobs and turn their passions into their main gig. Yet again, Nick’s hustle became his new career. His show is now one of the Top 20 business podcasts on iTunes.

Listen in as the guys talk with Nick Loper about the countless ways you can side hustle your way to financial freedom, what platforms offer the best revenue, and how to make cash off those Bird Scooters littering the street. After you’re done, find out ways to automate your hustles with Mike Michalowicz and Aaron Fletcher.

The way word of mouth happens is by making something too good not to share.”– Nick Loper

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • The opt-in that turns listeners into subscribers
  • Why a bounce house is a better investment than real estate
  • When to negotiate with a sponsor and when not to
  • How to make your car pay for itself
  • What metrics a podcast needs to be following
  • Why your episode titles might be holding you back
  • How to build a cleaning business without touching a mop
  • The platform that gets you more revenue than any other
  • How to make the best hourly wage of your life
  • The method to maximize your best merchandise
  • How to tell if you might be a hustler
  • What side hustle is the highest earning today

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