Scott Oldford – The World Is Changing – Here’s How To Respond

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Today we are back, and we are talking with Scott Oldford who has an amazing story about how he was able to get back on track after being $1 million in debt. He talks about his rollercoaster trials as an entrepreneur as well as how he is coaching many super successful businesses and in doing so, why he is not necessarily focusing on strategies and tactics, but something much more important.

We also chat about his thoughts about the future, what you should be focusing on both in a financially and mindset sense to prepare yourself for some major reactions to how people will be spending money and where they will be spending it. He also lets us in on some of the ways he coaches his clients so they can determine what needs to be fixed, where to best focus, and what needs to be discarded. After you have listened, be sure to check out our shows with Ryan Deiss and Todd Herman for more insight on mindset and future trends. 

At the end of the day, you just need to turn off the news and say ‘What’s my opportunity, who can I help and how can I help get them the work?” – Scott Oldford

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How to step back and make sure you are in alignment with your business
  • The four-chair method for determining what’s missing from your business
  • What to focus on in the months ahead
  • The changes in the workforce now and how this will affect how we work for many years ahead
  • What kind of businesses have a good chance for success during this time of change and uncertainty
  • How Scott was able to get out of a million dollars in debt
  • Why strategies and tactics are not as important as you think
  • Making $3 million with online courses and spending less than $50,000 on ads
  • And much, much more!

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