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Side hustling guru Nick Loper started his career like many of us, working a ‘normal 9-to-5’ job while moonlighting on the side. What sets him apart from thousands of other side hustling entrepreneur, though, is that he has learned the tricks of the trade that have allowed him to quit his day job and focus his energy strictly with his businesses. Currently owning about eight businesses, Nick has become a side hustling guru, determined to help others find financial freedom by mastering the side hustle. He has been featured in several major publications including The New York Times, Fortune Magazine, and Entrepreneur Magazine as well as presented on Tedx.

Nick is the Founder and “Chief Side Hustler” at Side Hustle Nation, an online community filled with new and veteran side hustling entrepreneurs with one common goal: to help each other grow their businesses exponentially through idea and tip sharing, networking, and offering valuable support throughout each stage of business growth. Nick is extremely active in this community group and shares some of the information and tips he has learned while growing his businesses with his members. Through his community, blog posts, and podcasts, he has helped thousands of people around the world find their path to financial freedom through side hustling businesses.

Here’s just a few of the things that we discussed on this episode…

  • Nick’s story behind his decision to become a “side hustler”.
  • New insights into Matt Wolfe’s story and his side hustles…
  • The one thing that causes a mindset shift and opens the business floodgates.
  • The 3 low-hanging fruit side hustles anyone can start now.
  • Task-based jobs that anyone could easily jump into.
  • Criteria to become an Uber driver for extra income.
  • The simple Amazon strategy you can do on the weekends to start a business.
  • The “garage sale” idea to get into
  • Why leveraging existing marketplaces and platforms is the quick path to success.
  • Adding coaching and masterminds into the income mix.
  • Why Nick started a podcast and how it’s working for him.
  • The strategy behind growing the podcast and climbing iTunes ranking.
  • Why the show still gets a ton of downloads.
  • The weirdest, random, side-hustles Nick has heard on his show.
  • How Nick got to do a TedX talk (it’s actually easier than it seems).
  • How to get featured in prominent traditional publications.

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