Dan Clark – A Tool For Sleep And Productivity That Works In 5-Minutes

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We’re back and today we are chatting with Dan Clark, the CEO and Owner of Brain FM. You’ve probably heard us talking a lot about Brain FM recently, because we are generally nerding on it. This is a tool that plays music but it can help you relax, sleep, and meditate. By using this app you can get into whatever zone you are trying to get into, much quicker and easier. 

On the show today, Dan lets us know how this works, and there’s some legit data behind this as we chat about all the cool neuroscience involved. On the other side of things, he’s a productivity hacker and we dig into some of his best ideas that you can incorporate, and great habits to make the most of your time no matter what you are doing. You’ll be able to learn how to use these tools to get into flow and focus. After you listen, be sure to check out our other episodes with Angelo Sisco and Christy Whitman, for more golden nuggets of wisdom in regards to business, focus, and health.

It’s really about the psychological triggers taking effect. And if you can have psychological triggers and the science in combination you’re on a rocket and that’s what we are trying to equip people with” – Dan Clark

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How Dan set himself up to work with an amazing company he loved and knew was on the path for success
  • What’s up for the future of wearable technology
  • Tips on how to increase productivity, especially when you are in a noisy, busy environment 
  • A simple trick to trigger your mind for success
  • How to habit stack and use your calendars wisely
  • Getting into a flow state, even if you do your best work in the middle of the night
  • The interesting science behind binaural beats
  • And much, much more!

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