How To Create A Business Driving Sales Leads – Robert Stanley

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Do you know that you can work on your SEO and have a great website and still have zero leads? Today’s guest, Robert Stanley, found his calling in lead generation by accident. Robert initially learned how to generate leads for personal use. His marketing business was born out of referrals from his chiropractor friend whom he also helped with lead generation. He works with lawyers, realtors, gurus, and market leaders. As Robert’s business grew, he also learns that limitations are not about abilities but the mindset.

In today’s episode, Robert talks about the some of the basics of lead generation. He expounded on the important terminologies, used comparisons for better understanding, and enumerates the different programs and software – both paid and free – that you can use to generate leads. Robert also shows the differences, together with the pros and cons, in using the different ad campaigns from the Internet’s big players such as Facebook and Google.

“It’s one thing to know how to set up a Facebook account and run an ad; it’s another thing to know the ins and outs and how to set up the technology.” – Robert Stanley

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • Defining what a “lead” is to a client
  • Scope of work involved in generating leads
  • Challenges with Facebook’s chatbots in lead generation
  • Reasons why Robert’s favorite lead source is Facebook
  • Rationale in utilizing software tools and platforms – for consistency and to save time
  • The best and easiest apps to generate leads
  • How outsourcing is an alternative to setting up your lead generating tools compared to hiring a whole agency
  • The most complicated thing in lead generation and the significance of having a place for all the data

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