Chris Guerriero – How To Scale And Acquire Companies

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Chris Guerriero has built several companies of his own and is an advisor and investor in many more. Business owners around the world have come to rely upon Chris when they require an edge to breakthrough growth obstacles.

In this episode, we learn how Chris, who had a successful health club leading a large team of personal trainers, caught the eye of internet marketing gurus as he was able to get his first book out into the masses, selling 60,000 copies in the first 60 days.

He’s also grown teams, culture, and business systems that yield multi-million-dollar companies. During his career devoted to health, wellness, and business growth, Chris has built four 8-figure businesses of his own and helped generate millions in revenue for his clients. 

Through all this, he’s able to manage his time very wisely and discusses how he breaks down his day to day tasks with precision as well as what the right and wrong things to focus on to help your business scale extensively.  You’ll also hear how Chris effectively bridges the gap between the online and offline marketing worlds for massive success. When you are done, make sure you check out our other shows with Roland Frasier and Carl Allen on acquiring and scaling other business and making the right deals.

“If you talk to people in the words they use, there’s a level of trust that’s immediately associated with you and your product, and conversion becomes infinitely easier.” – Chris Guerriero

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How to get on radio utilizing unused radio spots
  • How Chris got his book in hundreds of thousands of hands right off the bat
  • A unique path Chris took during his book launch to get the attention of the marketing gurus
  • What to include in your books to sell even more to your customers (and those who haven’t even purchased anything yet)
  • Some unique offline tactics that get your name out
  • How to use remnant advertising for higher conversions than standard ads
  • Ninja tactics to create postcard headlines
  • Key things to look for when acquiring a new business 
  • How to test physical products ahead of time to assure they will resonate
  • The formulaic approach to how Chris breaks up his work and advising days 
  • And much, much more!

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