Brian Bogert – The Steps To Building A Limitless Life

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On today’s show, we are chatting with Brian Bogert, of, who has a wealth of perspectives, and we’ll definitely do a round two, as he opened up so many loops for us. He’s got so many crazy experiences that have happened and shaped who he is. We talk about podcasting and some things that we didn’t even know which we know you will find helpful. Brian also chatted about his perspective in regards to mindset vs. tactics, and our survey that we put out last year, which we now know is not that cut and dry, and actually has a few layers to those results. 

He’s got such great insights into triggers, and how to embrace the pain to avoid suffering, and gave us some real-life examples. The beauty of this conversation is showing how we can be blind to some things until they show up. We did talk a little about imposter syndrome and how we get it sometimes around tangents on the show if we don’t think we can add to the conversation. Brian was able to enlighten us since we now know to just say what we are thinking and awaken the sleeping giant in ourselves, which is very refreshing. There were so many a-ha moments in this conversation, that we will definitely be having Brian back for round two. In the meantime, you may enjoy our chats with Gabby Bernstein and JaMarr Johnson where we chat about how to get into a flow and get yourself on the best track.   

Typically what’s preventing us from being exactly who we want to be, reaching our potential, and having the impact on the world we desire… guess what – it’s us.” – Brian Bogert

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How the recent events over the last year have created a boom for podcasting
  • The magic of valuable sound bites that convert to attention and downloads
  • Redefining the patterns in your life that have been holding you back
  • When we surveyed our audience on Tactics vs. Mindset and how they are not mutually exclusive
  • Recognizing who we are as humans and defining mental toughness
  • The importance of knowing someone’s prime narrative to communicate with them in the best way possible
  • The stuff that no one is talking about in regards to changing the patterns in our own life
  • Check out Matt’s eloquent thought process on reacting to the metaphysical nature of the conversation
  • A new framework on how to view imposter syndrome
  • Recognizing pain and suffering to go forth to fulfilling our destiny

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  • Tools To Get What You Want And Free Your Mind – Gabby Bernstein
  • Life Lessons From Standup Comedy – JaMarr Johnson

Enjoy the video version of our interview with Brian Bogert:


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