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On today’s episode of Hustle & Flowchart we’re bringing in long-time podcasting friend, Adam Schaeuble, to share his hottest growth hacks (and muuuuuuch more).

It’s been a little bit since we’ve chatted about podcast (and media) growth strategies and creative ways to monetize. So we brought a guy on that thinks like us but with a different approach. Best of both worlds.

Adam is a prolific podcaster, coach, and community leader. He runs a successful podcast training course/community called Podcast Growth Club. It’s like PodHacker but different…

We realized he’s doing a similar thing to us. Shouldn’t we just team up and make this a mega super podcasting course, resource center, fun community, and tons of live sessions? We don’t wanna do this alone…

So that’s what we did!

We just partnered with Adam to combine our podcasting brands and communities together. If you choose to join PodHacker (you should!) you’ll get a TON of new content, a super helpful community, access to live sessions, and tons more.

This episode will be a melding of minds and you’ll see how the fun will continue in PodHacker and beyond.

Let the fun begin!

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How to manage (and excel) running THREE podcasts at once
  • The systems needed to create content months ahead of schedule
  • The superpower to have your audience build you into their routines
  • The 80/20 of podcast growth hacks working NOW
  • Are you “trying” or “executing” (subtle difference makes or breaks success)
  • The Instagram Carousel post strategy that blows up engagement, shares, and grows fans
  • Tapping into Instagram’s algorithms to grow your audience using Instagram Lives
  • How to systematically produce 6 pieces of content within 72 hours of episodes going live
  • How to create your podcast marketing plan
  • How to leverage the social platforms to have them send you your best listeners
  • How to make the most sharable content where everyone is happy to engage and help spread the word
  • Building your client bridge from cold listener to a superfan customer
  • The Relationship Funnel that Adam uses to grow his email list and community
  • How Adam creates funny ads so no one skips over them (he breaks it all down)
  • PODHACKER gets a massive upgrade!!

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