Charley Valher – How to Leverage Podcasting For Your Business

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In today’s episode we are discussing monetization, growth and systems around podcasting as we nerd out talking to Charley Valher. Charley has a podcast as well called the Business of Podcasting (we highly recommend you listen to episode #1) as well as his business Valher Media where he helps people grow and monetize their podcast.

Even if you don’t have a podcast, you’re definitely going to want to listen in as you may change your mind.  We talk about what industries the podcast space is disrupting, where podcasting is headed, and why it’s so important. There’s so much going on in the podcast world right now and we are extremely bullish on the medium. We also have some great insights on what’s happening down the road and we know that in five years, it’s going to be off the charts.

After you’ve taken this all in, be sure to check out our episodes with Jonathan Rivera and Tom Schwab for even more podcasting strategies for growth, guest appearances and raising your awareness with your intended audience.

I was listening to at least three podcasts a day and I found it was the ultimate learning medium for me, where I was listening to all these conversations with people who I would never have access to.” – Charley Valher

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Charley’s podcasting tech stack
  • Growth tactics that are working right now
  • What will work in the future and how to prep
  • Charley’s viewpoint on sponsorships
  • Different ways to approach sponsorships
  • The future pace of podcasting
  • Which paid elements have the best return
  • Some surprises stats with advertising on Facebook
  • Common mistakes being made and simple ways to avoid them
  • Opportunities of being guests on shows
  • And much, much more!

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