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Hey Hustle & Flowchart friends, we are back with a new episode. We are testing out a new podcast format where we will talk on a very specific honed-in topic and get straight to the meat of the content. On this one, Matt talks about over 40 different growth hacks to grow your podcast, including ad platforms, gaining attention in the media, both free and paid strategies, as well as some of our secret weapons on how we’ve grown the show which have worked very well. After you’ve listened to the show, be sure to check out the chats that we recorded with Tyrone Shum and Luis Diaz for more podcasting growth hack tips.

The best results we’ve gotten with Facebook ads is by taking short video clips from our podcast. We’ll take a 3-minute clip where our guest shares a gold nugget of wisdom, run that clip as a Facebook ad and put a link where they listen to the full episode in the text description.” – Matt Wolfe

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • The basics which you are probably already doing, but if not, you should be
  • Podcast Platform Features and Ad Buys and the top platforms for both
  • Where to purchase ads
  • Growth through acquisition
  • Various ways to get media attention

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Our Resources:

  • Want to learn how to growth hack a podcast and watch over our shoulders (and give you all the templates and DFY swipe files)? Check out – this is where we deep dive into building, monetizing, and scaling a podcast through unique strategies like the ones from this episode.

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