Tyrone Shum – How To Grow A Podcast Past 1 Million Downloads

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We’re back again, this time with another podcaster, Tyrone Shum. He is running a massive podcast over in Australia and has one of the top podcasts in the real estate space called Property Investory with 1.3 million downloads since 2017. Clearly, Tyrone knows how to grow and monetize as well. You’ll hear some discussions about ideas we gave him and vice versa.

What’s really cool about his story is that he discusses his not only his successes but his fears around podcasting. He’s a very systematic guy, and he explains what his systems are and what he’s done to not only launch and grow his show but make money as well. We go behind the scenes on what we love and don’t love about podcasting, insecurities about podcasting, as well as how to get big-name guests on your show and how to maintain that relationship.

This is basically a master class on growing and profiting with your show. The way Tyrone approaches podcasting is super cool and unique and the way he applies it to business is very strategic. He’s got so many different ways that allow him to stand out and grow the show in a big way. After you’ve listened to the show, be sure to check out the other episodes we mentioned that we recorded with Casey Zeman and Dennis Yu for more podcasting tips.

When I spoke to a lot of listeners, they say the same thing…the reason why Property Investory stands out is because it tells a story. It’s not like any other podcast out there where you actually delve into the background where they grew up to all the way through to how they got started in property .” – Tyrone Shum

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Some growth and monetization strategies that even we were not aware of
  • What we love about podcasting and some things we are not entirely fond of as well
  • How to attract big-name guests to your show, and once you’ve connected, how to continuously maintain that relationship
  • Tyrone’s ideas behind his membership model
  • How he has been able to leverage his relationships for some big affiliate income
  • Ten growth strategies and 7-8 monetization strategies, not including those boring ones we all know
  • Why Tyrone’s listeners tell him constantly that his podcast rises above all the rest
  • Some tips and tricks he learned while working in real estate previously that helps keep him top of mind
  • And much, much more!

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Contact Tyrone Shum:

  • PropertyInvestory.com – you can get a free report on how to generate an extra 15% with real estate. Once you subscribe, feel free to send Tyrone an email as well, if you have more questions.

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