Zachary Babcock – From Prison To Profitable Podcaster

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Zachary Babcock is definitely an interesting dude, and he’s got a supercharged, truth-bomb podcast called Underdog Empowerment. He’s got a crazy history that you’ll hear about like having an addictive personality in his younger years that landed him in trouble. He then took that personality and channeled it into a good thing for his business. We also dive into how he has grown his podcast show super fast and talk about how he’s mapped out 5-6 systems, making a killing with getting rankings, subscribers, and guests onto his shows. You’ll also get the backstory as well as Zach’s thoughts on what it’s like to go from being in prison to being a respected entrepreneur. 

This episode is not only fascinating, but also very tactical as well. Zach is a lot of fun to talk to, and is definitely an open book. After you’ve listened, be sure to check out the shows we did with Tyrone Shum and Joe Sanok for more insight and tactics to get your own podcast on an accelerated track. 

Before, in one week’s worth of time no one was giving me a chance, and now I’m interviewing Billy Gene and it’s just been a crazy, spiral of upwards momentum ever since.” – Zachary Babcock

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Booking your own podcast tour to up your rankings and downloads
  • How Zachary is helping out ex-convicts to lead a better life
  • Tips on how to run a contest to target the right listeners
  • The perfect podcast pitch
  • Creating your own “One Sentence Credibility Builder”
  • Zachary’s Top 200 Script for getting consistent, 5-star reviews
  • More tactics on how to book influential guests
  • How to get your podcast guests to share the show when it goes live on their social media
  • Using your dark side to do good stuff
  • And much, much more!

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Enjoy this clip from our interview with Zachary:


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