Where To Focus For Exponential Wealth Growth (Featuring Mark Joyner)

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For the month of January, we’re rereleasing the most impactful episodes of Hustle & Flowchart. These are the ones that completely changed the way we think after we recorded them.

Today, we’re bringing back our episode with Mark Joyner.

We recorded this episode in mid-2020, only a few weeks after everyone started being locked down.

We dove deep into where to get your information and how to verify if the information is correct. This has become a more and more important topic as time has gone on because the world has changed so much and, still, people don’t know who or what to believe.

We also discussed how rapidly technology is changing and how you really need to be on the cutting edge to make it in the future.

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • From being self-taught with no formal education to getting books published as textbooks
  • How to go down the rabbit hole on a particular topic while not getting misled by the media
  • Who can you really trust when watching the news?
  • What is ‘The Big Five Phenomena’ and why it’s not necessarily a good thing
  • Epistemological illiteracy and how it relates to your beliefs
  • How the rate of paradigm shifts has constantly increased and what you can do to keep up
  • What do Astroturf and Coco Puffs have in common?
  • How to survive in this new landscape
  • Untold secrets even with top-level CIA clearance 
  • Why the future is in the hands of entrepreneurs and how you can be a part of it

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