What You Need to Know About Buyable Pins on Pinterest

Note from the editor: I personally do not do much on Pinterest myself. My entire business thus far has been all digital products. With that being said, I think there is MASSIVE potential with Pinterest and buyable pins for those people that do sell physical goods. If my business was focused around selling a physical products, I would spend most of my social media time on Pinterest and Instagram, really learning those platforms.
Recently Pinterest introduced a new feature… You can now allow people to purchase whatever you sell without even leave the Pinterest platform. This is HUGE. If you sell anything physical, you need to be paying attention to this.

I know that this may not seem like it fits the typical post style of Multiply Authority. Most of the focus is around content marketing and building a brand. Well, Pinterest is one of the ways I’d be looking into if I was trying to build a brand for any sort of physical products. I know this won’t appeal to all of the readers here but I also know that, for a lot of people, this concept right here, will be a completely game changer! Enjoy…

Marketing on Pinterest is easier than before thanks largely to the company’s free Buyable Pins option for iPhone and iPad. Rather than click on the Visit Website button to see and price merchandise, customers now have the option to purchase items of their liking without leaving the Pinterest app. Closing the sale “when someone has the impulse to buy,” is the purpose behind Buyable Pins. A buy button makes it easier for mobile users to find the merchandise they want or need, select the quantity, size, and color from a list of options, and finalize purchases using the shipping option of their choice.

Pinterest notes that it’s working with Apple Pay and other well-known payment processors such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover to keep sensitive customer data secure. Boosting buyer confidence is a crucial component of a successful roll out of Pinterest business services. With Buyable Pins, marketers have direct access to nearly 45 million users worldwide. It’s important to mention that Kevin Knight reported that more than 75% of activity on Pinterest took place on phones and tablets in 2014 opening the door to bigger and better things for businesses marketing on Pinterest.


How Businesses Get On Board

If you’re wanting to jump on the Buyable Pins bandwagon along with Macy’s Inc., Kate Spade, Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores, and SOBU, there are some things you need to know to get started. The most important on the list is that businesses already have access to the option through Shopify’s user dashboard.

Here’s how the option works:

  • To enable Buyable Pins, log into your Shopify account.
  • Click on Sales Channels.
  • Then look for the option that reads Pinterest.
  • Click on the Add Channel button.

Demandware stores are next in line for the service and other commerce platform integration opportunities await users in the near future. Pinterest encourages interested parties to sign up for its waitlist for Buyable Pins updates. Including as many commerce platforms as possible makes it so every business can do business through the new feature.

How Customers Locate Your Products

Locating products is simple for customers. After adjusting the price filter and putting in the keywords of their choice, they’ll see a list of pins with the blue Buy It button next to them. To search within the pin itself, they swipe through the options until they see the color or pattern they like best. As soon as they’re done looking through the pins, the customer is given the option to check out using Apple Pay or a credit card. To make the ordering process even easier, Pinterest store personal information so all the man or woman has to do to make a purchase is select and item and check out.

Pinterest Buyable PinsPinterest Buyable Pins

Users of the app also have the option to visit the Shop to view the latest Buyable Pins. Pinterest suggests some of its favorite items to buy in the Shop our picks category. Within weeks, over 30 million pins will become buyable making it the place to boost sales and get the word out about new products and offers.

Tips for Making Your Buyable Pins Products Stand Out

In order to get people to pay attention to your products, there are a few rules to follow. First and foremost, Pinterest is a highly visual website. Therefore, clear pictures are a must. You want the photographs alone to sell the item.

Next, give your pins clear titles. Remember people are glancing at pins on the go. Keep it brief but descriptive enough that they won’t pass it up because they don’t think the item is right for them. Handle boards the same way. Choose an attractive photo that showcases what your business offers and give the board a clear title such as Handmade Wedding Accessories instead of Wedding.

Pinterest Buyable Pins

You’ll also want to write detailed item descriptions. Give the customer the information they need to confidently make a purchase through the Pinterest app. This is where you thoroughly describe the item by letting the customer know what makes it unique and desirable. If a Pinterest user pins the item on their feed, your well-written description does all of the marketing for you by appealing to other people the same way an advertisement does.

Make sure each item is placed in the proper category. It’s very misleading to see a sports-related product among arts and crafts-related products. You want the customer to find what they’re looking for fast before they move on to another product and company to buy from.

Use hashtags to make it easier to find items. Keep in mind, however, that made up words do little to help you sell. Opt for well-known words and use them sparingly. One or two per pin works well.

The aforementioned tips are basic but important to follow. After all, a majority of pinning takes place on mobile devices. Screen resolution isn’t always the same. Making it easier for the customer to buy on the go is the main reason why features like Buyable Pins exist. It conveniently brings businesses and customers together.

Keep Them Coming Back for More

Buyable Pins keeps customers coming back to the Pinterest app for more. Businesses wanting to get a leg up on the competition need to explore the trend in its early stages so that they learn how the feature works to drive sales not just interest in their products. Only time will tell how well the public responds to Buyable Pins.

For now, however, it’s important to keep doing what you do as a business on Pinterest. Pin and repin regularly. Respond to customer questions and feedback quickly. Last but not least, make sure to monitor the analytics of your business account. Find out more about Pinterest Analytics by visiting https://analytics.pinterest.com/.

Once the company verifies your account, you’re golden. You’ll be able to see how people use your pins, how they interact with the information you provide, and which pins get people excited. This helps you plan your marketing strategy and evaluate the effectiveness of the Buyable Pins feature on your chosen products.

Do you have a business where showing off the product is important? What are some creative ways you could use Pinterest to promote your product?

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