Your Path To Online Success: Navigating SEO in the Age of AI with Sam Oh

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In this episode, Joe chats with Sam Oh, a seasoned SEO expert and the VP of marketing for, Ahrefs.

Discover the battle between Ahrefs and ChatGPT, exploring how AI can elevate your search experience. They discuss the challenges of ChatGPT in SEO, particularly in grasping the ever-changing landscape of search intent.

Sam and Joe unveil how ChatGPT empowers users to ask hyper-specific questions, opening new frontiers in SEO. They also explore the evolving world of online search, shaped by AI and social platforms.

The need to balance technological progress with retaining the essence of humanity is especially important now as technology progresses at an exponential rate. Additionally, they examine the distinct nature of SEO on YouTube, focusing on storytelling and creating unique journeys for unparalleled engagement.

Finally, they highlight the core foundational principles of SEO – consistency and persistent effort across the right platforms. 

Unlocking 7-Figure Success

Sam’s Path to SEO Triumph: Learn more about Sam’s remarkable journey from early SEO success to becoming a valuable asset at Ahrefs.


The Art of Enriching Your SEO and Achieving Optimal Search Results: Discover the power of Ahrefs in transforming your website into an SEO powerhouse, driving you toward success.

AI vs. SEO

Leveraging AI to Supercharge Your Search Experience: Unveil the AI battle between Ahrefs and ChatGPT, and learn how AI can enhance your search capabilities.

Beyond Recycled Content

ChatGPT’s SEO Challenges in the Dynamic World of Search Intent: Explore the limitations of ChatGPT in SEO, where understanding ever-evolving search intent is the key to success.

The Age of Precision

ChatGPT Unleashes Hyper-Specific SEO Capabilities: Dive into the world of ultra-specific queries made possible by ChatGPT, ushering in a new era of SEO.

The Evolution of Search

How AI and Social Platforms Are Redefining Online Discovery: Witness the dynamic shifts in online search as AI and social platforms redefine the way we discover information.

Tech’s Human Connection

Balancing Progress with Preserving Humanity: Delve into the importance of infusing technology with a touch of humanity as we progress into the future.

YouTube’s Unique SEO

Weaving Stories and Journeys for Unparalleled Engagement: Uncover the art of SEO on YouTube, where storytelling and the journey aspect create unparalleled uniqueness.

The SEO Foundation

Consistency and Compounded Effort Across Relevant Platforms: Learn the core principles of SEO – consistency and persistent effort across the right platforms.

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