The Power of Branded Searches – Boosting Your Online Reputation with Gert Mellak

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In this episode of the Hustle and Flowchart podcast, host Joe Fier sits down with SEO expert Gert Mellak to discuss the power of branded searches and the importance of boosting your online reputation.

They delve into various strategies and techniques to optimize search engine results and ensure a positive brand image.

From understanding Google’s evolving algorithms to utilizing structured data schema code, this episode offers valuable insights for anyone looking to improve their online visibility and reputation.

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Educating Google and Consistent Information

  • Google needs to be educated as the internet evolves and content is created.
  • Consistent information is vital for search engines to determine a person’s brand or identity.
  • Clients are advised to be explicit about what they do and maintain consistent information across platforms.

The Impact of Branded Searches

  • Branded search refers to when people specifically search for a brand name on Google.
  • Branded awareness through paid ads can increase branded searches.
  • The results that show up when someone searches for a brand name can be influenced by competitors and affiliates.

Controlling Search Results for Brand Reputation

  • Controlling search results for your brand name is crucial to maintain a positive online reputation.
  • Branded search can include searches for a brand name in relation to customer testimonials or forum posts.
  • Branded search is a critical moment in a customer’s decision-making process.

Leveraging Knowledge Panels and Cross-Referencing

  • A knowledge panel can be triggered by Google’s knowledge graph and display relevant information about a brand or person.
  • Consistent information on the main site and cross-referencing with other sources is essential.
  • Validation and linking between sources can help Google verify information.

Optimizing Content and Updates

  • Update and optimize existing content on websites and other platforms.
  • Prioritize recent and authoritative content for updates.
  • Leveraging trusted sources, such as Amazon, can establish credibility.

Schema Optimization for Search

  • Different pages require specific schema, such as about pages or product pages.
  • Shopify automatically adds schema for product details like availability and shipping.
  • Utilize plugins like Yoast SEO for schema optimization on WordPress websites.

Leveraging Structured Data Schema Code

  • Structured data schema code allows machines to extract specific information more easily.
  • Adds additional details about a subject, such as different ways to write a brand name.
  • An underutilized aspect of SEO and search branding.

Addressing Reputation Issues and SEO Strategy

  • SEO tactics involve placing links, internal linking, optimizing content, and consistency.
  • Strategically evaluate and optimize results that Google deems important for a brand.
  • Reputation management plays a crucial role in SEO, addressing negative reviews and experiences.

Language Models and Brand Reputation

  • Language models can create reputation issues by giving incorrect information or associating brands with competitors.
  • The impact of language models on SEO and brand reputation is still uncertain.

Key Episode Highlights

  • Key highlights include understanding the power of branded searches, leveraging knowledge panels, and optimizing content and updates for search.
  • The importance of consistency, cross-referencing, and schema optimization cannot be overstated.
  • Addressing reputation issues and keeping up with evolving language models are crucial for maintaining a positive brand image.

In conclusion, this episode of the Hustle and Flowchart podcast provides valuable insights into the power of branded searches and the significance of boosting your online reputation.

From educating Google to controlling search results, optimizing content, and leveraging structured data schema code, Joe Fier and Gert Mellak offer practical strategies for enhancing your online visibility and reputation.

Whether you are a business owner, marketer, or SEO enthusiast, this episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to grow their brand and improve their search engine rankings.

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