5 Strategies for Pitching to Media with Brandon LaVorgna

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Today’s guest is Brandon LaVorgna, a seasoned media expert and entrepreneur, who delves into the evolution of the media landscape, effective pitching strategies for gaining media exposure, and the critical role of entrepreneurship in driving personal and professional growth. If you’ve ever wondered how to make your mark in today’s fast-paced media world or how to thrive in entrepreneurship, this episode is packed with actionable advice and inspiring stories.

Local News Dynamics

Brandon begins by sharing his experiences working in local news across various states, including Wyoming, Georgia, and the Carolinas. He discusses how local newsrooms operate, often broadcasting from central hubs like Cheyenne, with anchors located in other regions such as Casper. The conversation sheds light on the challenges local news faces, such as financial instability and shrinking news teams, which affect how news is reported and distributed.

Changes in the Media Industry

We delve into the broad shifts in the media landscape, particularly how digital platforms like podcasts and blogs are becoming important news sources alongside traditional media. Brandon emphasizes that despite these changes, the fundamentals of storytelling and audience engagement remain key to successful media communication. He highlights the movement towards more sensational news as teams become smaller and resources scarcer.

Pitching to News Outlets

One of the most enlightening segments of our chat involves Brandon’s strategies for effectively pitching news stories. He details the importance of persistence and creativity in communication with news outlets, especially in a time when newsrooms receive countless pitches daily. His top tips include:

  • Always follow up on news releases with a phone call.
  • Be prepared for same-day coverage by having a detailed media plan.
  • Keep a media kit ready for quick access by news teams.

Building Connections and Relationships

A significant part of gaining media attention, Brandon notes, is building lasting relationships with reporters and newsmakers. This process involves understanding the needs and schedules of newsrooms and being strategic about outreach efforts. He suggests direct communication paths like email and social media platforms to establish connections.

Entrepreneurship and Personal Motivation

Brandon shares his personal journey from being a news professional to launching his own digital consulting firm, Superbloom. He discusses the hurdles he faced, including ADHD and maintaining energy levels, and how finding his “why” was crucial for his motivation and success. He advises aspiring entrepreneurs to “do the damn thing,” emphasizing the importance of taking action and not waiting for the perfect moment.

Closing Thoughts

Today’s conversation with Brandon LaVorgna on the Hustle & Flowchart podcast is packed with invaluable insights for anyone looking to understand the evolving media industry or navigate the challenging yet rewarding world of entrepreneurship. Whether you are planning to pitch your next big idea to the media or contemplating starting your own business, Brandon’s experiences and tips provide a wealth of knowledge and motivation. Remember to keep your storytelling compelling, your plans flexible, and your relationships strong in whatever endeavors you pursue. Until next time, keep hustling and keep flowing!

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