Reinvent Faster: Winning Strategies for Business and Politics with Kurt & Kristen Luidhardt

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Kurt and Kristen Luidhardt join host Joe Fier to discuss their extensive experience in politics and their pivot to helping traditional businesses with marketing. Their insights provide valuable lessons on building relationships, perseverance, and the principles of successful political campaigns and business growth strategies.

Journey into Politics and Business:

The episode kicks off with Kurt and Kristen discussing their early struggles and pivotal moments that led to business success. They emphasize the importance of building relationships and perseverance in their journey.

Political Campaign Principles Applied to Business Growth:

Kurt and Kristen share how they apply the principles of political campaigns to help traditional businesses grow. The conversation covers strategies for compressing business growth and the importance of strategic planning and data validation.

The Reinvent Faster X Framework and the Power of Storytelling:

The Reinvent Faster X framework, focuses on strategic planning, data validation, and storytelling in business growth. Kurt and Kristen stress the emotional connection and compelling narratives in marketing and the significance of avoiding generic tactics.

Adapting to Industry Changes and Constant Reinvention:

The episode concludes with a discussion on adapting to industry changes and the importance of constantly reinventing business strategies to stay ahead of evolving trends.


Kurt and Kristen Luidhardt’s insights provide a valuable framework for businesses to apply political campaign strategies to drive growth. The episode emphasizes the power of storytelling, data validation, and constant adaptation in achieving business success.

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