Tobias Rauscher – The YouTube Satellite Strategy

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Today we are talking to Tobias Rauscher, a digital nomad traveling the world with a guitar and a laptop and also one of the best guitarists we’ve ever heard. Not only is he a talented guitarist who you should definitely check out, he has created a beast of a YouTube channel with over 35,000,000 views and around 400,000 subscribers. We break down a ton of strategies as to how he got to that point, including his Satellite Strategy which has helped him get a ton of subscribers, views and customers to his courses.

This episode is part strategy on how to get your channel rolling and your videos seen, part course creation tips and then a look into Tobias’ digital nomad lifestyle and how he is able to travel around the world while also teaching students online. After you’ve listened, round out your YouTube insights listening to our previous episodes with Brian G. Johnson and John Belcher.

YouTube has this complete ecosystem per country. For example, in Germany you have all these German channels, you don’t even go to the American ones.” – Tobias Rauscher

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How Tobias was able to get to over 400,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel
  • How to use the Satellite Strategy to drive traffic to courses
  • The best places to check out if you want to hang with other digital nomads
  • How Tobias is able to set up courses and eventually be more hands off
  • The right way to connect with other content creators to bring more views to your own content
  • And much, much more!

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