Therapy Sessions – Finding The Lessons In Tragedy And Birth

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Today’s episode is a heartfelt, in-depth therapy session where we really go into some meaningful events that have happened lately, both good and bad, and how we have dealt with them. You’ll hear about some big changes in Joe’s life, and how dealing with a recent family death has really put things in perspective for him, and enabled him to flip the coin on some concerning traits and family history.

We also talk about the amazing coaching we have had recently and some takeaways that have really helped us to hone in on what’s really key for our business goals, which in turn has opened up some truly amazing opportunities in the months ahead.

After you’ve listened to this one, be sure to check out our show with Angelo Sisco as he talks about breaking down mental and emotional barriers and our show with Dave Asprey and his thoughts on how to maintain energy, your most valuable resource.

We get so caught up in business..we’ve got this deadline, this phone call…all of this stuff we feel is really important. The people in your life, the possibility is they might not be there tomorrow. You never know what the next day brings.” – Matt Wolfe

If there’s an imbalance…there’s no perfect balance, but the goal is to try to and always get to balance. It’s going to be a wavering thing, just like being on a skateboard. All you’re doing is dealing with what’s coming your way.” – Joe Fier

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Some life changing events lately and how it’s affected everything
  • Great tips on how to start your morning as soon as you awaken to set the stage for the rest of the day
  • Best practices for raising our kids
  • We share some of the exercises we’ve been working on lately with our own coach and how it’s opened us up to more opportunities
  • How our relationship with money has been in the past and the ways we view it now to attract more abundance
  • How Joe is able to “flip the coin” when dealing with difficult issues
  • Mental shifts and mindset and how we’ve been dealing with it lately
  • Teasers about what lies ahead for the new year
  • And much, much more!

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  • Michael Kim coaching
  • Box breathing method
  • Wim Hof breathing method
  • FIRE movement from Dave Ramsey
  • Omnifocus
  • Dr. Rhonda Patrick
  • Joe Rogan’s podcast with Paul Stamets
  • Insight Timer
  • Our show with Steve Olsher
  • Time Is NOT Your Most Valuable Resource – Dave Asprey

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