The Power of Self-Love: Building Confidence from the Outside In with Kimmy Seltzer

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In this episode, Joe talks with Kimmy Seltzer, a confidence and style expert who helps people find their inner confidence and transform their lives. 

It’s wild that it just takes 7 seconds for someone to make a first impression. That can make or break a business deal or potential relationships in life. Kimmy & Joe talk about practical ways to do that, which ironically makes you feel more confident overall!

Kimmy shares her journey of transformation, from a therapist with the white picket fence to a divorcee in LA, and how one red dress helped her rediscover herself and unleash her inner confidence. 

She discusses the symbiotic relationship between inner and outer confidence and how starting with small, gamified micro-actions can help build a whole new level of confidence. 

Kimmy emphasizes the importance of owning your confidence, working from the outside inward, and making a positive first impression, as well as tips for making a good first impression and the power of self-love.

Discover the key strategies for creating new confidence habits, how to lead with confidence, and the 3C Rule for personal branding. Learn the tone of confidence and how it shapes a first impression in all areas of your life. 

Check out Kimmy’s live and interactive workshops, weekly podcast Charisma Quotient, and her new show Dating IRL.

Kimmy also used to be a recurring guest on these topics with previous guest Jordan Harbinger – check out that episode after this.

Tune in to this episode for all this and more, and unleash your inner confidence for life!

Some topics discussed in this episode:

  • Unleashing Your Inner Confidence: Whether you’re single or married, everyone deserves to feel great and have radiating confidence in all scenarios.
  • The Journey of Kimmy: From therapist with the white picket fence to a divorcee in LA, discover how she transformed herself and has become a media personality.
  • The Symbiotic Relationship Between Inner and Outer Confidence: When you start looking and feeling better, you move differently and exude a newfound sense of confidence.
  • The Confidence Strategist: Discover the key strategies for creating new confidence habits and rebuilding yourself from the outside in.
  • Gamifying Your Confidence: Starting with small, gamified micro-actions can help you build your way up to a whole new level of confidence.
  • Owning Your Confidence: Learn how to work from the outside inward, getting that confidence outwardly and then owning it inwardly.
  • The Power of a First Impression: One area of life will leak into others, so it’s essential to make a good first impression because ultimately people do business with people they like.
  • How to Give Good Zoom: Discover how to be mindful of how you come across the camera and make a positive, lasting impression.
  • You Are Your Own Walking Brand: The 3 C Rule – the cut, color, and confidence of your clothes – is a critical factor in your personal brand.
  • The Tone of Confidence: The way you speak and your tonality are essential elements for making a great first impression.
  • The Power of Self-Love: It’s not just about dating confidence, but about falling in love with yourself and exuding that confidence in every aspect of your life.
  • Leading with Confidence: Discover how Kelly helped a client loosen up and become more authentic as a leader in their industry.
  • Confidence for Life: Whether you’re seeking dating confidence or just looking to love yourself more, join us for this inspiring episode on how to unleash your inner confidence and transform your life.

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