The Burnout Battle: Anfernee Chansamooth’s Journey to Slow Growth and Finding Purpose

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Are you feeling burnt out and struggling to find meaning in your life? In this episode, Joe chats with Anfernee Chansamooth about his journey from burning out in the corporate world to experiencing burnout again in his own business, and how he found himself and his core values through safe spaces, human design systems, and slowing down. 

They discuss the dangers of hustle culture, the power of reevaluating your priorities, and the importance of having an outlet outside of work. 

Anfernee shares his slow growth framework, how he finds his superpower, and the importance of investing in relationships to grow a business. 

Lastly, we’ll explore the human design system and how it can be a point of guidance in finding your true purpose. Tune in to this inspiring episode and learn from Anfernee’s valuable insights on how to live a fulfilling life. 

Get ready to be motivated and empowered as we explore the power of vulnerability, the importance of reconnecting with the things you love about life, and the value of relationships in growing a business.

Some topics discussed in this episode:

  • Burnout, pausing and resetting: how Anfernee found himself and his core values after burning out twice in one decade
  • Adventure, pandemic, and safe spaces: Anfernee shares his journey with his wife during difficult times
  • Slow and steady: the power of defining your growth limit and embracing the slow growth framework
  • Auditing your life: the importance of self-reflection and defining your core values to align your personal and professional life
  • Legacy and relationships: why investing in relationships is key to growing a successful business and leaving a positive legacy
  • Scaling back to move forward: the importance of doing things that don’t scale and embracing non-work moments to reinvigorate your passion
  • Authenticity and vulnerability: how finding a safe space to express struggles and vulnerability is crucial for personal growth and success.
  • Reconnecting with what matters: Anfernee’s story of uprooting his life and slowing down in Vietnam to align his business and personal life
  • The dangers of hustle culture: how constantly striving for more can lead to burnout and emotional detachment from your business
  • Consistently reevaluating your priorities: why asking yourself what’s important to you NOW is crucial for personal growth and success
  • Finding your superpower: how Anfernee learned to focus on his unique skill-set and use it to bring true value to his business
  • Human design system: understanding what suits your personality and how it can guide your life choices

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