Avoiding Burnout: What Entrepreneur Season Are You In?

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Today we’re talking about understanding the seasons of life for entrepreneurs.

Many entrepreneurs get so focused on their goals that they don’t take the time to prioritize their work and life, and end up burning out.

We’ll be discussing how to use the seasons of life to make better decisions and achieve your goals without burning out.

On this episode, we’ll cover:

  • What seasons of life are when it comes to being an entpreneur
  • How decisions made in each season can have different implications on yourself, family, and your business
  • How actions taken in the present can affect future seasons of your life
  • How priorities and commitments can change during different seasons of life
  • How taking risks can become less likely as more commitments are made
  • What different seasons of life can mean for decisions, commitments, and priorities
  • How having fewer commitments can mean more time and resources to pursue other things
  • What unexpected events can require a reprioritization and re-examination of expectations
  • How losing loved ones can be challenging and lead to difficult decisions (and new opportunities)
  • How being aware of the season of life one is in can help make better decisions
  • What strategies entrepreneurs can use to make sure they don’t burn out
  • How to adjust expectations and goals based on the current season of life
  • How to use the different seasons of life to prioritize work and life

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