Shaqir Hussyin – Creating The Optimum Selling System

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Today’s show with Shaqir Hussyin left a deep impact on us. We were totally lit up about the concepts we learned! Shaqir is a guy who thinks on a whole different level that’s bigger and clearer and has his priorities straight on how he engages in business. He focuses on the right priorities, and he’ll explain how he does that to get such amazing results. At the end of the day, you’ll walk away with a bigger way of thinking. 

Shaqir grew up with an abundant mindset which helped to take him to where he is today, coming from literally nothing to a life with multiple 8 figure businesses. He is able to turn companies into something mega huge in a short time. He breaks down his process and how you can think differently when it comes to your business, which includes concepts such as acquiring an email list without the grind. He lets us in on how you can swipe his approach and use it for your own business.  When you are done, make sure you check out our other shows with David Jenyns and Michael Gerber on setting up systems to create more time and scale profits.

The secret to making this offer work is understanding that, when you have a funnel that has the ability to convert the right audience into a high ticket sale, traffic is endless and comes in abundance.” – Shaqir Hussyin

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Online marketers are not the only ones who drive Lamborghinis – surprise!
  • How a boring business model gets repeat high ticket sales
  • Making the switch from low ticket to high ticket offers
  • The marketplace is not as crowded as you think
  • How to use thinking time to your advantage
  • The beauty of partnering up and using other people’s email lists
  • Three variations of webinars and which one is Shaq’s favorite
  • The secret to making high ticket sales convert
  • The one important thing to have when you are attracting customers who have a lot of money to spend

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