How To Boost The Salability And Valuation Of Your Company – Dan & Joe Kalis

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Sometimes it takes two to launch a business, like brothers Dan and Joe Kalis learned when neither could get off the ground on their own. Joe was too methodical to jumpstart and Dan too erratic to stay in the air. Together though, they’ve made businesses that soar and sell!

Dan and Joe started out funding real estate projects and when it came time to sell they learned how to get a deal from every part of their business. They soon learned that salability is an all too common struggle for business owners. Now, with Biz Owner Freedom they are focused on helping established entrepreneurs dramatically and predictably increase the value and salability of their companies.

Be aware of the exits as the guys get a masterclass in salability from Dan and Joe Kalis and learn the 2 factors that determine a business’s value, the indispensable method to stay salable, and how to sell from a position of power. When you’re done get some more advice about selling and acquiring businesses from our conversations with Carl Allen and Roland Frasier.

The value of your business is one of the best representatives of your quality of life because if you have an unsellable business your life is going to be a drag.” -Dan Kalis

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • The 8 Leverage Points Of Saleability
  • A great test to discover your business strengths
  • How to avoid getting your Facebook Ads account flagged
  • A perspective shift to find your low hanging fruit
  • Why working less makes your business more valuable
  • The 2 factors that determine a business’s valuation
  • How to startup with your exit in mind (everyone has to exit one way or another)
  • The fixable reason 80% of businesses are unsellable
  • Foundations to build a business that sells at 10x or more!
  • The Switzerland Method: every sellable business is using it
  • Advice for crafters or anyone who never wants to sell
  • How to hold the power seat when you sell your business

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