Why Podcasts Might Be Your Best Marketing Bet in 2024 with Joe Fier

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In this episode, Joe Fier shares insights on why podcasting has evolved into a versatile and impactful marketing tool and discusses a four pillar approach to leveraging podcasting as a marketing hub in 2024.

Guest Selection and Leveraging Other People’s Audiences

Joe highlights the significance of guest selection in harnessing the right audience and leveraging other people’s audiences to grow brand visibility and authority.

Content Production

Learn the tools that Joe recommends for high-quality audio and video recording to capture content that can be repurposed across various platforms for broader reach.

Formulating a Content Distribution Plan

The significance of formulating a content distribution plan to maximize reach and visibility by distributing the podcast content across various platforms is discussed.

Marketing Your Podcast: Referral, Organic, and Paid Marketing Strategies

Joe delves into the strategies of referral, organic, and paid marketing, emphasizing the importance of an effective marketing plan to amplify content and engagement.

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