Nikhil Aitharaju & Ryo Chiba – Artificial Intelligence, SEO, and Copywriting

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Today we are talking to Nikhil Aitharaju & Ryo Chiba, creators of Topic which is an awesome tool that uses artificial intelligence to assist you in optimizing your content and drive more traffic. We discuss the future of SEO, how artificial intelligence is constantly changing, and how the research process will be as polished as the consumption process. We also have a bunch of best practices for improving your SEO, what to do if you are just starting out, how Google determines what it will show in the search results, and how to use this software in the most efficient way.

Like us, Nikhil and Ryo are a working partnership, so we also touch on how to make the business run as smoothly as possible, what they accomplish with daily and weekly check-ins, and why you don’t always want to rush into creating new content to boost your rankings. When you’re done getting ideas from Nikhil and Ryo, learn additional tips on how to use the content you already have to create oodles more and set your site apart from everyone else by checking out our episodes with Hani Mourra and Larry Ludwig.

We had a freemium version which had a “Powered by Tint” logo at the bottom which engineered backlinking strategies, where we would have that linked to specific landing pages with targeted copy and used that to gain our initial traction and to rank for keywords like ‘Instagram widget’ or ‘Twitter widget’ so when people were looking for the official one they would see our and see it was the superior version.” – Ryo Chiba

AI can cut down that ideation time or creative energy cycles that you spend coming up with paragraphs and we envision AI sort of augmenting that process so that you have your first draft and your writers are editing your content after that.” – Nikhil Aitharaju

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Tips to set the tone for the day and perform daily check-ins for your team and/or partnership to keep things running smoothly
  • Engineering backlinking for effective SEO strategies
  • Why the comprehensive content concept is so powerful now and how to implement it
  • How to rank higher even if you have low domain authority
  • Ways to set yourself apart and stand out from others trying to target similar keywords
  • The future of AI and what is next for content creation
  • Why you want to play the SEO game like a game of chess – not checkers!
  • How to get immediate benefits from using AI in your copywriting
  • And much, much more!

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