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We’re big fans of Repurpose.io, so it’s awesome to have Hani Mourra on the show today. We use this tool to convert audio from our podcasts into videos that are uploaded to the major platforms and get our content out there for maximum visibility. Hani lets us in on all the behind the scenes features and tips for best use of this amazing tool, as well as how he got started, following his entrepreneurial spirit from a very young age, enduring some bumps along the way, and finally becoming the successful business owner that he is today.

We also chat about how he was able to promote one of his first attempts at software even though he did not have a huge list or audience at the time. By following his calling, and his hunches, he was able to create something of value and tweak it to offer a super cool tool, while listening to his customers’ feedback for continuous improvement. He also gives some guidance in regards to how to deal with the different platforms as well as mindset advice when it comes to getting those ideas out of your head and into reality.  

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You upload to Facebook and from there you can go everywhere. Upload, then turn on the captions and we can use those captions and burn them right into the video for you.” – Hani Mourra

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • The birth of a software platform 
  • How to use the content you already have to create oodles more
  • How the different platforms use your content in slightly distinct ways
  • Hani’s video challenge results with LinkedIn
  • How to offer your product when you are starting out with no audience
  • Who remembers Blab? (R.I.P.!) 
  • The best content for your landing page when people are learning more about you
  • Fondly remembering Matt’s days creating plugins
  • A simple trick anyone can do using Facebook live to get even more content
  • Crowdsourcing your product creation the right way
  • And much, much more!

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