Nic Peterson – How To Define Success To Reach Your Goals Faster

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From being homeless to becoming a formidable strongman to switching gears to a successful business entrepreneur. You’ll really enjoy today’s show with Nic Peterson. We dive into his interesting past, how he’s been able to use his method of zero loss aversion to starting a host of various businesses, and how he’s partnered with some brilliant minds to not only better himself, but showcase his improvement to others and turning it into a well-known fitness and nutrition business. 

He also talks about the gym he started where he went from actually living in the warehouse-like building to transforming it into one of the biggest, highest priced gyms in the area, catering to high-end clients. In addition to all the companies he runs which include a specific type of mastermind, he chats about how he’s able to do it all, setting priorities correctly, and how you too can zone in to reach your goals as quickly as possible. If you like some of what Nic has to say, be sure to check out these past episodes with Dan Kuschell and Marx Acosta-Rubio that really hit home about taking aligned action to become the protagonist in your own life story.

You may have priorities that are diametrically opposed. You have to pick one, then attack the other one. A lot of people want to have as much money right now as possible but they also want to have as many followers as possible, so you have to pick one. Make a bunch of money, then pay for followers or get a bunch of followers then make money from them. You’re not going to go anywhere if you are trying to maximize both at the same time.” – Nic Peterson

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How Nic went from homeless to making $100k with his mastermind
  • Getting out of your slump with projects that don’t excite you
  • Attracting high-end clients by saying the right words
  • From powerlifting to losing weight and the birth of a nutrition company
  • How to set your priorities to determine which one should come first
  • Why not to name the puppy at the shelter – don’t even think about it!
  • The four quadrants of action priority
  • What is base knowledge disconnect and how to avoid it
  • How to reach your goals even faster
  • And much, much more!

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