Here Is Why Networking Is Important

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With over twenty five years’ combined online marketing experience between them, the Evergreen Profits team also helps their clients implement automated marketing funnels to capture and nurture qualified leads, driving business growth.

Joe is very much the “hands-on” guy. He has a unique ability to look at a business and quickly put together a strategic marketing plan that leads to an immediate upsurge in sales and revenue.

Matt is the self-confessed nerd of the Evergreen Profits operation. There’s nothing Matt loves more than to get knee-deep in data! He’s constantly split-testing and experimenting with incremental changes that dramatically increase sales and profits over time.

On today’s episode, Matt and Joe are recording live on their way to an Overtime Event. They’ll share how Networking has benefited their business and how it can also give value to your business.

“It’s not beneficial to count on a bunch of knowledge in your head. Obviously, keep learning but don’t constantly chase the hottest thing out there unless it’s really needed in the business if it fits your goals.” – Matt Wolfe & Joe Fier

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • Why We’re Headed To Mission Brewery In This Call
  • The Truth Serum
  • How they grew their first business using Networking Events
  • The cycle of learning vs chasing things
  • What are the valuable things you can get from going to Events
  • Why they stopped using Instagram as a Marketing tool
  • How Networking changed their lives in business
  • A little reminder for Matt
  • Meeting some some their business Partners
  • The reason for setting up this topic for this episode

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